New Feature Releases: Activity Levels, Cross-channel Insights & Multiple Admins

We are proud to announce three new feature releases: Activity Levels, Cross-channel Insights & Multiple Admins! You can try all of these exciting features firsthand in our private beta.

But let's take a step back first. Why did we decide to build exactly these features?

Building a community is hard. There are a lot of moving parts, and it takes a lot of work to keep everything running smoothly. With Beyond we want to help community builders to build the next generation of digital communities. We understand that this will be done with a collaborative and data-driven approach.

If you don't know your members and understand what is going on in your community it becomes even harder to build a long-lasting community. You can’t make informed decisions about how to serve your community best. 🥲

🔎 Activity Levels

That’s why we built our activity levels feature — to give you the insight you need to make better, data-driven decisions 📊

Say goodbye to guessing and hello to data-driven community management. With Beyond you can now easily segment your community.

Activity Levels
Activity Levels

☀️ Who are your "Top 10%"?

💬 Who is actually “Active”?

👁️ Who are your “Lurkers”?

💤 & Who is “Inactive”?

The next step is to use this data as the foundation of your community-building activities. Dig deep into your community structure. Use this information to understand who your top performers are.

What has enabled your most valuable members (MVM) to contribute to your community? What are their interests? What are their similarities? What are their differences?

And maybe even more important - what hinders Lurkers to become Active?

What differentiates a top 10% member from an average community member? How can you unlock the full potential of every single member?

Beyond gives you the starting point to answer all of these questions.

🪢 Cross-Channel Insights

We wouldn’t be Beyond if we wouldn’t go beyond off-chain metrics. 😋

Cross-Channel Insigts
Cross-Channel Insigts

But what does this mean and why is it so f*** exciting?

It means that we are connecting on-chain and off-chain data to provide holistic community member profiles. With this, you will know exactly how your members interact with you across channels.

The easiest way to describe it is: better community insights = better understanding = better experience for your members.

Here is some inspiration on how to utilize the new feature:

🧐 Find out how members interact with you on-chain and off-chain
💬 See which token holders are active in your community
💎 Discover which Discord Roles are most likely to hold tokens

If your mind is now overflowing with creative ideas to supercharge your community - let’s talk, and schedule an onboarding with our team. We have limited spots available for our private beta.

🤝 Multiple Admins

Building a community is a collaborative effort. This is exactly what our third new feature reflects. Beyond goes multiplayer 🎮

Collaborate with your whole team!
Collaborate with your whole team!

From now on you are able to invite everyone from your team to use Beyond together with you!

The best thing about it? It's easy and takes you less than 5 seconds

Just add their wallet address and they are good to go! 🚀

That’s it from our first product update! You’ll hear from us soon & keep your eyes open, we have a lot more coming 🔥

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