A Community Builder's Toolkit

We believe community builders deserve better tools that allow them to spend more time in their community and less time having to manage them. The best communities in the world are interconnected — members know each other, have aligned goals, and work together in achieving them. Beyond is a product designed to help communities thrive with powerful tools including token gating and detailed community insights.

We designed our token gating to not only be simple to set up but also easy to control community access. Providing token gating means your community can easily assign roles and incentivize members with things like exclusive content, special access, and other community-based perks.

We’re building tools to empower communities. One of the other initial ways we’re doing that is by providing community insights, which are crucial to the success of any community. We help you identify your most engaged members so you can get to know and serve them even better.

What’s our product focus?

For our launch, we focus on solving two core components in web3 community management: token gating and community insights.

Existing solutions feel clunky and cumbersome, with Beyond, we’ve designed and developed an intuitive, fast, and reliable product that integrates seamlessly with your Discord.

With the Beyond Discord integration, managing member roles and channel access is extraordinarily simple.

Customize your wallet verification flow.
Customize your wallet verification flow.

The Beyond dashboard also puts important information and insights in front of you at a glance. You can find both high-level community insights as well as member-specific ones including — the number of active Discord members, number of unique token-holders, and most engaged community members.

Think of the Beyond dashboard as a place to learn more about your community: what’s the overall community health? Where can you improve? Who’s actively participating?

Why is this our focus?

We talked with hundreds of community builders in web3 and came to a number of conclusions that ultimately led us to build Beyond. One of those conclusions is that communities don’t want another hard-to-customize and token-gated-only solution. Instead, we learned that communities want to be able to apply new technology and web3 concepts into their existing flows with the ability to easily customize. The other side of this is that your community members are often less experienced with web3 than you may realize, reinforcing the need for more clear and simple language when engaging in your community to make it more accessible. Your community shouldn’t be confused when trying to connect their wallet to get access to special content, art, or perks.

In our talks with community builders we recognized a few common goals nearly all of them are working towards:

  • Finding, engaging, and incentivizing the right people is key to building a thriving community. The communities that thrive the most are interconnected. As a community builder, it’s your job to connect and introduce people together who could benefit from knowing one another. But going about identifying, engaging, and incentivizing your community can be difficult without the right tools. At Beyond, we solve this.

  • Saving time on repetitive and boring operational tasks. Managing a community is no small feat. It requires a time commitment and a great deal of effort. Beyond is helping community builders save time on tedious tasks such as managing member roles and access.

  • Owning the connection to members. Platform independence is crucial for communities and with Beyond you get to own that connection data.

How Beyond works

Beyond makes it super simple to get started offering token gating in your community. Bring your own token, connect Beyond to your Discord, have your members connect their wallets to get access, and you’re ready to go. Plus, once Beyond is set up, you will start receiving both on-and-off chain analytics about your community.

Where we are heading

This is the beginning of our journey to building the best control room for communities. We are on a mission to make it easy for community builders to leverage web3 technologies and tokenization. At Beyond, we’re committed to building a product that helps you spend more time creating and growing your communities — and less time on the boring tedious management stuff.

We can’t wait for you to try out Beyond with your community. We are onboarding more and more communities! Interested in seeing what Beyond can offer you and your community?

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