The Control Room For A New Generation Of Communities

Community building will be one of the most meaningful roles regarding human impact in the following years. They will bring people together worldwide, breaking down barriers and delivering a sense of belonging. With Beyond, we give them the control room they deserve. The tool they need to bring this positive change to society. We're here to support the next generation of community builders on their mission.

Community building requires a new toolbox

To run a global community with thousands of people living and working around the globe, builders need a particular set of tools to be successful. Otherwise, they might end up in repetitive and mundane tasks like onboarding new community members manually. Giving them the required access or manually rewarding members for contributions can easily blow up a daily schedule.

They need to get data about how healthy their community is to make informed decisions in favor of their community (members). We're talking about measures like user engagement, growth rates, contribution, and governance.

Also, on a more personal level, they need to find like-minded folks within the community who are willing to drive topics on their own to bring the community forward as moderators, builders, designers, content creators, or general contributors.

Through the rise of Web3 technology, it's easier than ever to distribute ownership of the community in a scalable way to incentivize members. More members having skin in the game can lead to more people being interested in the community's success.

Community builders need tools that are not getting in the way. They require reliable applications that support, inform, and inspire them to try new things. Freeing up their calendars from annoying operational and repetitive work and giving them back time to focus on what they can do best: Bringing people together.

Building the control room every community deserves

We spoke to hundreds of community builders to learn about their fundamental problems, desires, and hopes for the future. In almost all discussions, we came to the same three fundamental goals:

  • Finding, engaging, and incentivizing the right people is key to building a thriving community
  • Saving time on repetitive and boring operational tasks
  • Owning the connection to members (e.g., platform independence)

We believe they require better tooling to rewrite how people connect and find their tribe to improve the world.

Therefore our core mission is to build a trustworthy tech layer sitting on top of all the tools they are using already. They will be able to create powerful human experiences, distribute responsibilities and ownership, get meaningful insights on community health and member engagement, and they will be able to set up & automate these workflows in minutes.

Get ready for Beyond

At the moment, we're already having first communities gating their experiences with us, giving us valuable feedback, and helping us improve the product. In the following article of this series, we want to get even more into the details of our upcoming public launch, how we decided our scope, and what we learned so far.

Stay tuned!

- Alex

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