September 1st, 2022

We believe community builders deserve better tools that allow them to spend more time in their community and less time having to manage them. The best communities in the world are interconnected — members know each other, have aligned goals, and work together in achieving them. Beyond is a product designed to help communities thrive with powerful tools including token gating and detailed community insights.

We designed our token gating to not only be simple to set up but also easy to control community access. Providing token gating means your community can easily assign roles and incentivize members with things like exclusive content, special access, and other community-based perks.

We’re building tools to empower communities. One of the other initial ways we’re doing that is by providing community insights, which are crucial to the success of any community. We help you identify your most engaged members so you can get to know and serve them even better.

Do you remember the last time you went to a house party? Now picture the person who lived in that house. The person hosting the party. The inviter, the provider, and now your entertainer. That person cared about how you felt (depending on the size of the party) and if you enjoyed yourself.

They facilitated you with the essentials to have a good time. It was up to you to determine the outcome of your time spent. Of course, if a boost was needed, an introduction or topic change when needed, the host was there. Just like a community manager.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions and those of the people around you. Emotional intelligence differentiates a bad party host from a good one. It is essential for leaders, politicians, founders, caregivers, and especially community builders.

Community is a buzzword. Niche is often a misused word, if not just another buzzword. Even though we toss these two keywords around a lot in marketing and business, Web3 is not even tossing the word around but rather sprinting in a straight line with it between its two big hands.

Web3 is empowering the collaboration between financial incentives and intrinsic motivation, from the leaders perspective to the members. Tokenization and blockchain utilization paired with a strategized content distribution, can potentially enhance the experiences for your community dramatically.

Financial access and viability can increase the “quality” of the communities. Integrating a monetary system, payment-gated access, and token-gated content or events unlock a whole new level of control that community builders have never had. Not only does this create an extra incentive for the members along with the community leaders, but this also unlocks more ability for community leaders to enhance their community.

Before we get into how and why this change will happen, we need to break apart what exactly a niche is, or can be. Because Web3 is going to change that even more.

July 26th, 2022

Community building will be one of the most meaningful roles regarding human impact in the following years. They will bring people together worldwide, breaking down barriers and delivering a sense of belonging. With Beyond, we give them the control room they deserve. The tool they need to bring this positive change to society. We're here to support the next generation of community builders on their mission.

Community building requires a new toolbox

To run a global community with thousands of people living and working around the globe, builders need a particular set of tools to be successful. Otherwise, they might end up in repetitive and mundane tasks like onboarding new community members manually. Giving them the required access or manually rewarding members for contributions can easily blow up a daily schedule.

They need to get data about how healthy their community is to make informed decisions in favor of their community (members). We're talking about measures like user engagement, growth rates, contribution, and governance.

Business models, product design, and team planning are essential. You’ve been building for some time now, and you want to open the gates, watch people come running for your idea, and throw you their money.

That’s great, and I hope it happens. In fact, I know it will. But you won’t get far without your community behind you to support you. Building a community is like building a family of superfans who are ready to fight for you and your idea to succeed. They believe in you, and they believe in each other.

Building a large community seeping of value and quality is no easy task. It takes time, dedication, and passion just like most good things in life. The effects your community can have on your product are invaluable and could lead to relationships or opportunities that are not worth any sale.

Here are 5 simple actions that you can take for literal action, and keep with you as mental models to help you at any stage of the process down the line.

We’re going back to the start.

Ask any real innovator, and they’ll agree that to truly create something new, from 0 → 1, you need to go back, and solve a problem using first principles.

If you ask me why I’m excited about Web3, it’s not because of the hype, or the bored apes, or the quick-flip get-rich-quick attitudes.

I’m excited because Web3 gives us a new set of first principles to work from. For the first time in a long time, we have a new set of primitives for the Internet. A new set of tools to solve problems with. To innovate with.